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Save time shopping and receive an assortment of fresh peak-season fruits

Fruit Lovers - auto-renews $49.00 Price:
School/Insitute - auto-renews $45.00 Price:
All Fruit - auto-renews $27.00 Price:
Snack Size - auto-renews $16.00 Price:
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The Fruit Shares contains a delicious assortment of seasonal fruits. Everything is always 100% Organic!

The Snack size contains between 5-7 varieties of fruit and weighs approximately 5 pounds.
The All Fruit size generally has 1- 2 varieties more than the snack size and is at least 3 pounds heavier.
The Fruit lovers size contains has 1 or 2 varieties more than the All fruit box and weighs approximately 16 pounds.

Your box will contain an assortment of fruits at varying levels of ripeness so that you can enjoy them all week long! Some fruits will be ready to eat right away, some will need a few days to ripen, and we will always include storage tips in your newsletter so you can get the most out of your box!

For a list of what varieties to expect during each season click here . The price above includes free delivery to your school (selected on the next page) or for home delivery choose your city and there is a $6.50 fee.

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