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Love Avocados? Get extra avocados by adding on $5 of avocados to your next box. Or set up a recurring order.

From: sycamore Hill

Extra Avo $5.00  Qty: more
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Enjoy extra avocados with your box! Great for sandwiches, salads, guacamole and so much more!

Avocado selection varies seasonally: Spring-Summer: Haas Avocados (pictured) Fall: Mac Arthur Avocados, Pinkerton Winter: Green Skin varieties: Bacon, Zutano, Fuerte, Ettinger

$5 worth of avocados= 2-5 pieces depending on size. It averages 3 med-to-large pieces.

Avocados generally take about 1 week to ripen.

Grown Locally in Fillmore,CA just an hour north of Los Angeles at Sycamore Hills Organic Ranch.

Good Life Organics chooses the items based on what is at its peak throughout the seasons and because we work with multiple farms, our boxes come with a wonderful variety of produce. We work with a network of sustainable family farms in Central and Southern California. Our produce is of the highest quality and as fresh as it comes.

* Local * Organic * Fresh * Delicious *