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Save time shopping and receive an assortment of fresh, peak-season fruits+veggies [and recipes to help you use everything in the box!]

Family Size - auto-renews $49.00 Price:
Half Size - auto-renews $27.00 Price:
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The Fruit and Vegetable Share is available year round and contains a colorful assortment of seasonal fruits and vegetables. We will send you an email each week with storage tips and recipes so you can be sure to get the most out of your box! Varieties of produce and weight vary each week of the season.The Family size contains 5-8 varieties of fruit and 7-10 varieties of vegetables $49. Half size includes 4-6 types of both fruits and veggies $27.
*This is our most popular size* Each week you'll receive an assortment of fresh produce, some of which is ready to eat right away and some which will last you a week or two so you can have time to enjoy all of the contents of your box. Generally there will be at least 1 leafy green, 1 root veggie, and 1 avocado each week (when they are in season). Veggies and Fruits rotate each week throughout the season. For a list of what varieties to expect during each season click here

The price above includes free delivery to your school (selected on the next page) or for home delivery choose your city and there is a $6.50 fee.

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