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2 or 3 pounds of Sweet Grapes (from $8.00 )

Super sweet grapes from Etheridge Farms

From: Etheridge Farms

A bag of Tangerines ($8.00 )

Three pounds of seedless tangerines

From: Etheridge Farms

Apple Chips ($4.00 )

Deliciously sweet and crunchy apple chips 100% Apples

Asian Pears- 6 pieces ($8.00 )

Sweet and Crisp Asian Pears- great for a snack or dessert!

From: Etheridge Farms

Avocados ($5.00 )

Love Avocados? Get extra avocados by adding on $5 of avocados to your next box. Or set up a recurring order.

From: sycamore Hill

Cherry Tomatoes ($4.00 )

Delicious Organic Cherry Tomatoes

From: Givens Farms

Extra Fruit ($12.50 )

5 pounds extra assorted fruit. You may also request 5 lbs of one specific variety.

From: Etheridge Farms

Fuji Apples (from $9.50 )

Delicious Fuji apples. If you've tasted them, you know how amazing they are!

Fuyu Persimmons ($9.00 )

Sweet fuyu persimmons

From: Etheridge Farms

Gift Basket ($17.50 )

A colorful gift basket with an assortment of seasonal fruit

Heirloom Tomatoes (from $5.00 )

Delicious vine-ripened heirloom tomatoes

From: Givens Farms

Juicing Oranges (from $9.50 )

Sweet Valencia Oranges for juicing

From: Etheridge Farms

Lettuce ($2.00 )

Head of Lettuce

From: Givens Farms

Raisins ($6.00 )

Super-sweet organic raisins great for snacking (organic and preservative-free)

From: Etheridge Farms

Tomatoes (from $4.50 )

Delicious Red Tomatoes

From: Givens Farms

Winter Squash ($4.50 )

Delicious winter squash- perfect for roasting!

From: Givens Farms

wheatgrass ($13.00 )

1 flat of wheatgrass for juices and smoothies

3 pound of Plums &Pluots ($0.00 )

Delicious plums and pluots

From: Etheridge Farms

3 pounds peaches or nectarines ($0.00 )

Sweet and juicy stone fruits

From: Etheridge Farms

Admin SKUs (from $2.50 )

Fresh Strawberries ($0.00 )

Delicious Organic Strawberries! 1-2- or 3 packs or more!

From: Givens Farms