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Veggie Zips are special bags that extend produce life by controlling humidity

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Veggie Zips are a special bag created by the BluApple company to help extend the life of produce. Specially designed U-Vent™ technology control humidity while the HydroLiner™ controls moisture.

The patent pending HydroVent™ Freshness System has U-Vent™ doors that open and close to support active plant respiration, to allow balanced humidity and to permit harmful ethylene gas (C2H4) to escape. HydroLiner™ humidity managment pads may be used damp to help keep leafy greens hydrated, or may be used dry to absorb condensation when storing cauliflower and spinach, for example.

Unique U-Vent™ Technology lets produce breathe by allowing air in and ethylene gas to escape.The HydroLiner™ absorbs moisture and condensation when needed. Dampen to add moisture and hydration as needed. Use bags as a strainer to wash and drain in sink. Reusable bags! Wash with soapy warm water, rinse and let dry.

Using a Bluapple® can extend the life of your produce up to 3X longer! Use with NEW! VeggieZips™ with HydroLiners™ to help maintain humidity levels for individual produce. Order both products today.

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