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Thanksgiving Week Add-Ons

Delicata Squash (3 lb) $6.00  Qty: Price:
Gift basket (3 lb) $10.00  Qty: Price:
Brussel Sprouts (14 oz) $5.00  Qty: Price:
Carrots- 1 bunch $2.25  Qty: Price:
Celery $2.50  Qty: Price:
Mirepoix bundle:
carrot+celery+2pc onion
$6.50  Qty: Price:
Russet Potato (4 lb) $6.00  Qty: Price:
Yams/Sweet potato (3 lb.) $6.00  Qty: Price:
Yukon gold (3 lb) $6.00  Qty: Price:
Granny smith apples (2 lb) $5.99  Qty: Price:
Shallots (1 lb) $4.00  Qty: Price:
Yellow Onions (2 lb) $3.50  Qty: Price:
Herb Bouquet $3.50  Qty: Price:
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: Single Delivery

We're so excited to offer these add-ons for your Thanksgiving meal

  • Order by 11/15 if you'd like them with your box 11/17-11/20
  • OR
  • Order 11/20-22 if you'd like them with your box 11/24-27

  • In addition to these Thanksgiving Extras, we have our regular add-ons available in case you want to make a big salad or fruit platter or apple pie, etc etc and a variety of fresh herbs here

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